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5/17/2017 In the Spring 2017 issue of our Celebrate Giving newsletter, we're recognizing donors the businesses, organizations, and individuals who supported Home Nursing Agency in 2016. Donations of more than $25 were recognized in print. 

Thank you to all of our donors:

Businesses/Organizations more than $25

Individuals more than $25

Donations less than $25


Anonymous (2)


Adams Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Advisory Board of Penn State Altoona

Akers Funeral Home, Inc.

Allegheny Township, Duncansville

Allensville Planing Mill, Inc.

Altoona Blair County Development Corp.

Altoona Curve / Altoona Baseball Properties, LLC

Altoona First Savings Bank

Altoona Hospital Nurses Alumnae Assn.

Altoona Mirror

Altoona Water Authority

American Legion Auxillary Post 556

AnswerLinks, Inc.

ARC Federal Credit Union

Armagh Borough

Artemas American Legion Auxiliary

ATU Charity Fund

Beale Township

Bedford Candies

Bedford Rural Electric Cooperative, Ind.

Bedford Township

Bedford-Blair County RLCA

Belfast Township

Bethel Township

Blair Companies

Blair County Arts Foundation

Blair County Conservation District

Blair Gastroenterology Associates

Blair Township, Duncansville

Blair/Bedford Builders Association

Blue Juniata Veterans Home Association Memorial Post 5754

Bonney Forge

Brady Township

Bratton Township

Bridenbaugh Orchards

Broad Avenue United Methodist Church

Broad Top Township

Brush Mountain Sportmans Association

Burnside Township

C & G Savings Bank

Canoe Creek Brethren in Christ Church

Carnegie Equipment, Inc.

Cassville Borough

Central Electric Cooperative

Centre Foundation

Chestnut Ridge Family Medicine Staff

CleanService & Supply, Inc.

Colerain Township

Conemaugh Township

Cornerstone Advisors Asset Management, Inc.

Corvette America

CRB Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Curtin Township

D.C. Goodman & Sons, Inc.

Daisytown Borough

Derry Township

Donald Devorris Realty

Dorman's Jewelers

Drenning Leasing Co., Inc.

Dublin Township, McConnellsburg

Dublin Township, Shade Gap

Dunnings Creek Church of the Brethren

Dutch Hill Chocolates

East St. Clair Township

Ehrenfeld Borough

Erie Bearings Co.

Estate of Charlotte Morris

Estate of Jack M. Irwin

Estate of Kathleen Holderbaum

Estate of Melva Collary

Estate of Mildred Port

First Commonwealth Bank

First Presbyterian Church

FMH Crestwood


Forney Financial Solutions, LLC

Franklin Township

Frankstown Township

Freedom Township

Gazette Printers

Green Home Goods

Greystone Servicing Corporation, Inc.

Gulich Township

Gulish Garden Center

H & R Block Employees

Haberstroh, Sullivan, Keating, & George, LLP

Haines Township

Harrison Township

Harry A. Snyder Insurance, Inc.

Howard Hanna Johnston Realty, Inc.

Hubbard Bus Company

Huntingdon Twenty Two Property, LLC

Huston Township

Inco Beverage, Inc.

Indiana Gazette/The

JLG Industries Inc.

Joe L. Crossman General Contractor

John B. Brown Funeral Home, Inc.

Jones Funeral Home

Juli's Wearable Art

Juniata Township

Keller Engineers, Inc.

Knights of Columbus #4644

Lake Raystown Resort

Landscape Design and Construction

Leslie-Miller Funeral Home

Letterkenny Township

Liberty Township

Licking Creek Township

Life O'Riley Memorial Ride Event


Lincoln Township

Logan Township, Alexandria

M & T Bank

Mane Effects Salon

Marianna Foods, Inc.

Marklesburg Borough

Martin G. Kyper Insurance

Martinsburg Area Community Fund

Martinsburg Elementary School

McConnellsburg Elementary School Staff

McLanahan Corporation

Medcare Equipment Company, LLC

Mercedes Benz of State College

Merrill Lynch

Millheim Borough

Modern Cabinet & Construction Co., Inc.

Morris Township

Mount Nittany Health

Mount Union Borough

Napier Township

Neighbors Who Care

New Look Uniform and Embroidery

Next Financial Group - Holtz Division

North Woodbury Township

Northwest Savings Bank

Okonak, Ciocca & Lechner, P.C.

Omni Bedford Springs Resort

P & S Trucking, Inc.

Patched Together, Inc.

Patton Township

Penelec Altoona Line Department

Penn State - Altoona Campus

Penn State College of Nursing

Pennsylvania Rural Electric Association

Peterman's Flower Shop, Inc.

Port Family Foundation

Porter Township

Providence Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Quality Services

R Tire Shop

Radiology Business Solutions, LLC

Ravine Uniform Store

Reilly, Creppage & Co., Inc.

Reliance Bank

Roaring Spring Water

Rockhill Borough

S & T Bank

S.J. McCloskey Builders, Inc.

Say It With Sweets

Secure-Tec, Inc.

Seltzer Financial Strategies LLC

Shade Gap Borough

Sheetz, Inc.

Shirley Township


Singing Brook Farms

Snyder Township, Tyrone

Sorge Funeral Home, Inc.

South Woodbury Township

Steve Aungst Productions/Entertainment

T and J Distributors

Taylor Township

Tell Township

The Casino at Lakemont Park

The Lakemont Partnership

The Park Country Club of Buffalo, Inc.

The Ward Foundation

Thompson's Pharmacy

TMI Cares Inc.

Todd Township

Trinity United Church Of Christ

Trough Creek Valley Lions Club

Union Township, Warfordsburg

Union Township, Huntingdon

United Way of Allegheny County

United Way of Bedford County

United Way of Blair County

United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey

United Way of Huntingdon County

United Way of Indiana County

United Way of Laurel Highlands

United Way of Summit County

University Orthopedics Center

Unkel Joe's Woodshed, Inc.

UPMC Altoona Medical Staff Fund

UPMC Health Plan

Value Drug Company

VFW Auxiliary #8724

W.R. Straw/All-Chem Distributors, Inc.

Walker Township

Warriors Mark Township

West Providence Township

Western Maryland Health System Employee's Caring Funds

Wetzler Funeral Service, Inc

Wigle Whiskey

Wood Township

Woodbury Township, Williamsburg

Woodbury Township, Woodbury

WPS, Inc.


Your Building Centers, Inc.
Anonymous (4)

Mrs. Jean L. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Adams

Mr. Terry L. Adams

Mr. Robert H. Addleman

Mrs. Brenda Ajay

Mrs. Annette F. Ajay

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Akers

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Albarano, Jr.

Ms. Lois M. Albright

Mr. Joseph Ambrisco

Mr. Dwight A. Amick

Mr. William J. Amrhein

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Anderko

Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Anderson

Ms. Gina Andrews

Mrs. Melanie R. Andrews

Mrs. Agnes C. Angelo

Mrs. Diane K. Ansley

Ms. Nanette Anslinger

Mr. Richard C. Antes

Dr. Joseph L. Antonowicz and Ms. Lori J. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Arnold

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Arthur

Mr. Barry L. Ash

Mrs. Lynn Ashe

Mr. Robert E. Atkinson, Sr.

Ms. Gwen G. C. Auman

Ms. Sandy Aungst

Mrs. Donna Ayers

Ms. Janet Azeles

Mrs. Michelle Azeles

Dr. and Mrs. David G. Baer

Ms. Nicole Bailey

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Baker

Mrs. Ruth Ann Baker

Mr. Glenn Baker

Mrs. Nancy Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Baker

Mr. Timothy Balconi

Ms. Christine M. Balonis

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Barber

Mrs. Dona K. Bardell

Mrs. Vera J. Barefoot

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Barner

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Barnes

Ms. Linda Barnett

Mr. Troy Barnhart

Mr. and Mrs. David Baronner

Mr. John W. Barron, Jr.

Drs. Anthony and Liang Bartkowiak

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Bassler

Mrs. Susan D. Bathgate

Mr. James Bathurst

Ms. Cynthia Baughman

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Baumgartner

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Beach

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard C. Behe

Mrs. Lorrie K. Behrer

Mr. James A. Beichler

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Beirlair

Ms. Theresa Belicic

Mr. Edward J. Belin, III

Ms. Dana Belles

Ms. Barbara Benffate

Rev. John Bennett

Ms. Kay L. Benton

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Benzel

Mrs. Nancy J. Bergstein

Mrs. Joanne L. Beringer

Mrs. Keely A. Berkheimer

Ms. Sally A. Berkstresser

Mr. Louis A. Bernier

Mr. Norman R. Berzonsky

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Betar

Mrs. Elizabeth S. Bettwy

Mrs. Patricia L. Beyer

Ms. Sandra L. Bianconi

Mr. Louis C. Bice

Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Biddle

Mr. Ken Biddle

Ms. Dawn Bidoli

Mrs. Mary Bingman

Mrs. Marilyn R. Bishop

Mr. Jason Black

Mr. John C. Black

Mrs. Barbara H. Blair

Mrs. Patricia L. Blazier

Ms. Susan C. Bloom

Mr. Joel A. Bobetich

Ms. Rebecca Bodenschratz

Ms. Winifred J. Boggs

Mr. Brian L. Bollman

Ms. Lillian Bolt

Mrs. Dorothy M. Bonasso

Mr. Mark D. Bondi

Mr. Richard S. Bono

Ms. Susan Booher

Ms. Emily Borcz

Mrs. Donna M. Borgese

Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Boslet

Mr. Kevin C. Boslet

Mrs. Mary E. Boslet

Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Bostian

Mr. Bradford Botteicher

Ms. Julia Bowers

Mrs. Elinore B. Bowser

Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Boyd

Ms. Jessica Bradley

Mrs. Monica M. Bradley

Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Bradley

Mrs. Zefy K. Branch

Ms. Juls Bratton

Ms. Brenda Bretz

Mr. Samuel Britz

Ms. Deborah S. Brodine

Mr. A. Randy Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Brown

Mr. Ronald W. Brubaker

Ms. Sophie J. Brulia

Mrs. Judy G. Buckley

Mr. Daniel M. Bukowski

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bunevitch

Mr. Kenneth F. Burket

Mr. and Ms. Barry W. Burkett

Mrs. M. Yvonne Buser

Ms. Ann M. Butler

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Butler

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Cagle

Mr. and Mrs. Leo W. Calhoun

Mr. Guy M. Calhoun

Ms. O. Jane Calhoun

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Callahan

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Calvert

Mr. Thad Campanaro

Mrs. Janice M. Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Cannarsa

Mr. Raymond J. Caravan

Mr. Gregg A. Carbaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Cardone

Ms. Karen Carlin

Mrs. Kerri R. Carlin

Ms. Kathleen V. Carlin

Mrs. Beth A. Carn

Mr. Fred Carn

Mr. Ed Carothers

Mr. James D. Carothers

Mr. Randy S. Carothers

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Carrieri

Mr. and Mrs. Willliam K. Carruthers

Mrs. Marlene F. Carson

Ms. Donna Carter

Mrs. Valerie Carthew

Mrs. Nanci Case

Ms. Cynthia Casher

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Casillo

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Castellucci

Mr. Tom Castellucci

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Centar

Mrs. Margaret Centi

Mr. Ross S. Cerra

Ms. Cathy S. Cerully

Mr. and Mrs. Scott G Cessna

Mr. Dave Charney

Mrs. Janie P. Christner

Mr. John S. Christofer

Mr. and Mrs. Bart Christy

Mr. Michael Christy

Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Chuff

Mr. David Ciccarella

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A Ciocca

Marie A. Civiello

Mr. Michael D. Civils

Ms. Tricia Civils

Ms. Janet Claar

Mrs. Alyssa Claar

Mrs. Beverly M. Clapper

Mrs. Patricia A. Clark

Mr. Gerald R. Clark, Jr.

Mr. William E. Clark

Mrs. Katie I. Clauss

Mrs. Gertrude Claycomb

Ms. Marian R. Clemens

Ms. Anna L. Clements

Mrs. Betty G. Clever

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Close

Ms. Ashley Cogan

Dr. and Mrs. Michael L. Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Morley A. Cohn

Ms. Bonita L. Colledge

Ms. Beth A. Colledge

Mr. Karl E. Colyer

Mr. Randy Condon

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Conley

Mr. Philip B. Conlin, Jr.

Ms. Elmira A. Conlon

Mrs. Helen Conner

Ms. Margaret S. Conrad

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Coombs

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Coon

Mr. Norman P. Cooper

Ms. Kathryn J. Cooper Winters

Mrs. Mimi B. Coppersmith

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Corl

Ms. Carrie Corle

Mrs. Ruth C. Cornelius

Mrs. Virginia G. Cornell

Mr. Randy Cornman

Mr. James Corran

Ms. Katie Corrie

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Courtot

Mr. John S. Coutts

Mr. Donald W. Cowie

Mr. Shrive L. Cox

Mr. John P. Coyle

Mr. Richard Craig

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L Craig

Ms. Kellie M. Craig

Ms. Arlene E. Craine

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Creamer

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Creppage

Ms. Monica Crilly

Ms. Connie Cripps

Mr. Scott Crofcheck

Mr. Michael L. Croft

Ms. Elizabeth Cross

Mrs. Sue Crotsley

Ms. Sandra L. Crum

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Crum

Mr. Glenn Cullen

Ms. Alysia Dalesio

Mr. James W. Dallard

Ms. Jean Daly and Mr. Arthur Dougherty

Mr. Terry Dandrea

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan S. Daniels

Mr. Michael Dantos

Mrs. Christine E. Davies

Ms. Betty L. Davis

Mr. Ronald A. Davis

Mr. René de Lambert

Mr. Bradford J. de Vries

Mr. and Mrs. J. Samuel Dean

Mr. and Mrs. Joel S. Dean

Mr. Romeo J. DeBartolome, Jr.

Mr. Mark Decker

Mr. Scott A. Decker

Mr. Michael R. DeCort

Mr. Louis A. DeFazio

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Degol

Mr. David A. DeGol

Mrs. Ruth A. DeHaas

Ms. June Deighan

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Deleo

Ms. Angela Dell

Ms. Nicole Dell

Ms. Debra Dellaposta

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Delozier

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Delozier

Ms. Kerry J. Delozier

Ms. Marissa Delozier

Mrs. Mary C. DeLozier

Mrs. Donna Delozier

Ms. Mary Jane Deluna

Mr. Gregory Denis

Ms. Natalie D. Depto-Vesey

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Deremer

Ms. Sherry Dershimer

Mrs. Winifred M. DeShong

Mr. Bryon DeShong

Mrs. Mary Ann Detterbeck

Mr. Donald L. Detwiler

Mrs. Marie H. DeVinney

Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Devorris

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Devorris

Mrs. Mary Anne Dibbins

Mrs. Diana L. Dick

Mr. Kevin Diehl

Ms. Mary J. Diehl

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Dillen

Ms. Beverly Dinges

Mr. David Dinin

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Dinnin

Mr. Andrew DiSalvo

Mr. Walter Dishman

Mrs. Christine L. Dively

Ms. Joyce A. Dixon

Mr. and Mrs. John Dixon

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Dmytryshak

Mrs. Sue A. Dodson

Ms. Jennifer J. Dolby

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Dolinger

Mr. Dennis E. Doll

Mrs. Joann M. Dombroski

Ms. Judy A. Donaldson

Mr. Randall P. Donnelly

Mr. Richard J. Donoway

Mr. John A. Dorefice

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Dougherty

Mrs. Colleen A. Douglass

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Drenning

Mr. J. W. Drenning

Mrs. Valerie D. Drinnon

Ms. Denise Drummond

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Duffett

Ms. Deborah N. Duffield

Ms. Christine L. Duke

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Duncan

Mr. John L. Dunn

Mr. Art Hattel and Dr. Patricia Dunn

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Dunn

Ms. Elizabeth L. Dunn

Mr. and Mrs. Hampton H. Durbin

Mrs. Barbara Duvall

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Earnest

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Eaton

Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Ebersole

Mr. Richard C. Eck

Mr. Doug Eckard

Mrs. Anna Rose Eckenrode

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Eckenrode

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Eckenrode

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eckenrode

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Edmiston

Mrs. Josephine R. Edwards

Mr. Vincent Egan

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Eger

Mr. Coolidge Eichelberger, Jr.

Mr. Warren C. Elder

Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. Elliott

Ms. Mary C. Emeigh

Mr. Clark E. Emerick, Sr.

Mrs. Jessica N. Emerick

Mrs. Kathy J. Emerick

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Enck

Mr. and Mrs. William R. England

Ms. Elizabeth A. English

Mrs. Gloria L. Enis

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Entrekin

Ms. Mary C. Erb

Ms. Virginia M. Erb

Commissioner and Mrs. Bruce R. Erb

Mrs. Cindy B. Eriksen

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ersek

Mr. Harry E. Ersek, Jr.

Mrs. Sharon H. Faber

Mr. Donald E. Fahnline

Mrs. Denise Farabaugh

Ms. Joann Farabaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Vince Farabaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Farcus

Mrs. Nancy Faris

Ms. Anna M. Farrell

Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Turiano

Mr. Ed Fellabaum

Mrs. Mary Fenello

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Ferguson

Ms. Diana M. Ferrazza

Mr. and Mrs. George C. Ferris

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H Ferrone

Ms. Sharon Fetter

Ms. Dana M. Fetters

Mr. Gary L. Fickes

Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Filler

Mrs. Josephine Finnegan

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Fiore

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Fiore

Mr. Mark A. Fish

Ms. Helen M. Fisher

Mrs. Elaine C. Fisher

Ms. Deborah L. Fisher

Ms. A. Kathleen Flannery

Mr. Richard Flegal

Ms. Carolyn F. Fleming

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Flick

Mr. and Mrs. George Focht

Miss Nancy R. Fogel

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Folcarelli

Mrs. Doris M. Foor

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Forshey

Mrs. Nancy A. Foster

Mrs. Fran Foster

Mrs. Isabel L. Fouse

Ms. Donna L. Fox

Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Frederick

Mrs. Shealia L. Freeman

Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Freeman, Jr.

Mrs. Mary A. Frena

Mrs. Jane R. Frye

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Fuchs

Mr. Dale Fuller

Mr. Jason Fulton

Mr. Robert S. Fultz

Mr. Christopher J. Fusco

Mrs. Carolyn M. Fye

Ms. Gwen Gaiser

Mr. Richard Gajewski

Mr. Joseph Galioto

Ms. Melissa Galioto

Ms. Carol Galioto

Mrs. Stephanie J. Gallagher

Mrs. Edma L. Garcia

Mrs. Deborah F. Garman

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Garman

Mr. J. Robert Garner

Ms. Debera J. Gary

Mr. Barry Gaut

Mrs. Donna E. Gearhart

Mrs. Patricia A. Geesey

Ms. Kelsey Geesey

Mr. Walter R. Gegenfurtner

Ms. JoEllen Gehl

The Honorable and Mrs. Rick Geist

Mr. John N. Gelormino

Ms. Carol Gensimore

Mrs. Connie L. George

Mr. Henry D. Gerhold

Ms. Betty E. Gerlock

Ms. Anthea L. Germano

Ms. Lisa Getsy

Mrs. Gail M. Getz

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gherrity, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. George R. Gibboney

Ms. Margaret E. Gibson

Mr. and Mrs. William Gildea

Miss Donna J. Gildea

Ms. Karen J. Gildea

Miss Pat M. Gildea

Mr. Charles F. Gillespie, Jr.

Mrs. Megan Gilligan

Mr. Paul R. Gindlesperger

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart L. Gingerich

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gingrich

Mr. and Mrs. Victor A. Gioiosa, Jr.

Mrs. Barbara S. Glass

Mr. Robert Glass

Mr. Michael L. Glunt

Ms. Pauline Goden

Mr. Jakob Golant

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Golgosky

Ms. Becky Y. Good

Mr. Paul W. Good

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Good

Mrs. Ruth A. Good

Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Goodhart

Mr. and Mrs. John Gordon

Mrs. Donna D. and Mr. John F. Gority

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Gottshall

Ms. Betsy L. Goulionis

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Graffius

Mr. John Graham

Mrs. Natalie Graham

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Grannas, Jr.

Mrs. Barbara C. Grassmyer

Mr. Michael Grasso

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Green

Ms. Dorothy Greene

Ms. Rita M. Greenland

Mrs. Brenda L. Greenleaf

Mrs. Joan F. Gregg

Ms. Maryjoy Gregory

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Greiner

Ms. Kara Gressick

Mr. David R. Griffith

Mrs. Catherine Griffith

Mr. Robert Griffith

Ms. Kaitlin Grimes

Mr. Stephen L. Grose

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald O. Grove

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Grove

Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Grubb

Ms. Tammy Guida

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Guinard

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Gunsallus

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Guss

Mr. Thomas S. Gutshall

Mrs. Shirley S. Guyer

Mr. Donald E. Hafer

Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Hafer

Mr. John D. Hafner

Mr. and Mrs. Barry J. Halbritter

Mr. Ryan K. Hallman

Mrs. Betsy Halmo

Mrs. Nancy L. Hamel

Mrs. Audrey Hamilton

Mrs. Becky A. Hamilton

Mr. Timothy M. Hammel

Mrs. Joyce L. Hammers

Mrs. Maureen A. Hamor

Mr. Allan G. Hancock

Mr. Lloyd B. Hansen

Mr. Randy A. Hargreaves

Mr. Eugene R. Harker

Ms. Cynthia Harmon

Mrs. Kyran E. Harper

Mr. Allen D. Harr

Mrs. Judie A. Harrison-Means

Mr. Peter C. Hart

Mr. Albert J. Hartline

Mrs. Denise L. Hartman

Ms. June M. Harven

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert B. Hassinger

Ms. Victoria P. Hassinger

Mr. and Mrs. Earle W. Hawn

Mrs. Mary C. Hawthorne

Mrs. Mary Ellen Hazenstab

Ms. Lori Hazenstab

Mrs. Theresa M. Heasley

Mr. and Mrs. William Heath

Mr. Gordon Hein

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Heist

Mr. and Mrs. Max Heller

Mr. Chad Helsel

Ms. Kimberly A. Helsel

Mrs. Virginia M. Helsel

Mr. David L. Helsel

Mrs. Kimberly D. Helsel

Mrs. Della M. Helsley

Ms. and Ms. Harry E. Heming

Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Henderson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Henney

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Herlocher

Mr. Tom Herron

Ms. Donna Hershel

Mrs. Cynthia Hershey

Mr. Raymond C. Hess

Ms. Lorrie J. Hetager

Ms. Janet I. Hetrick

Mrs. Lori Hetrick

Mr. James C. Hickey

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Hicks

Ms. Louisa A. Hileman

Mr. and Mrs. Joel D. Hileman

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Hilling

Mr. Steven Hinckley

Dr. Joseph Hines

Ms. Alycia Hippo

Mr. James D. Hitchings

Mr. Kevin E. Hite

Mr. and Mrs. R. Lee Hite

Mr. Dennis Hoerner

Mr. Gerald F. Hoff

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Hoffman

Mr. and Mrs. William Hoffman

Mrs. Marsha A. Hoh

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Holbert

Mr. and Mrs. Joel H. Hollander

Ms. Amanda Holtz

Mr. Gery E. Holtz

Mr. William Holtz

Mr. Brian Homman

Ms. Deborah K. Hommer

Mr. John C. Hooper

Mr. James E. Hoover

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Hoover

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Hoover

Mr. Howard Hoover

Mr. Jeffery M. Hoover

Mr. Scott Hoover

Ms. Sheila M. Hoover

Mr. Michael J. Horvath

Mr. Eric S. Horwith

Mr. James Hosgood

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Householder

Mrs. Marilyn Householder

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Houseman

Ms. Janet L. Houser

Mr. Tim Hower

Ms. Shawna L. Howsare

Mrs. Crystal L. Hritz

Ms. Emily Huffnagle

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Ethan Hullihen

Mr. Heath Hullihen

Mr. Thomas O. Humbert, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Humes

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Huston

Ms. Brenda L. Hyle

Rev. Lynn and Sue Illingworth

Mr. and Mrs. G. Michael Imes

Mrs. Lara E. Imes

Mr. John M. Imler

Mrs. Joann Imler

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Ingram

Ms. Wendy Irvin

Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Irwin

Mrs. Judy A. Isenberg

Mr. and Mrs. William Isenberg

Mr. and Mrs. John Isenberg

Ms. Barbara Ivanko

Mr. Jackie Jackson

Mr. James A. Jacobs

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Jadlocki

Mr. and Mrs. Klaus Jaeger

Mrs. Corinna James

Mr. and Mrs. Timothey R. James

Ms. Cindy A. Jans

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Jennings

Mr. David Jingozian

Mrs. Cherie W. Johansen

Ms. Bonnie D. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Johnston

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd R. Jones

Mr. Christopher M. Jones

Mrs. Jennifer Jones

Ms. Sharon Kail

Mr. and Mrs. George Kalwanaski

Mr. John T. Kaminsky

Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Kann

Mr. James M. Karstetter

Ms. Laurie A. Karstetter

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Kauffman

Ms. Mary L. Kaufman

Mrs. Marianna Z. Keagle

Mr. Richard S. Keener

Ms. Tammy J. Kehr

Mrs. Jayne M. Keller

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Keller

Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Kelley

Miss Beverly J. Kelley

Ms. D. M. Kelley

Mr. and Mrs. James Kelly

Ms. Joanne Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. Kendall

Ms. Joanne N. Kennedy

Mr. Gary M. Kennedy

Mr. Mark L. Kennedy

Ms. Roberta Kenny

Ms. Kathryn Kensinger

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E Kensinger

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn M. Kent

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Kephart

Mr. Ernest Kephart

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Kephart

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kepple

Ms. Debbie M. Kerns-Amick

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Kerstetter

Mrs. Frances C. Kessler

Ms. Pam Kifer

Ms. Kate Kilcoyne

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Killinger

Ms. Lori Kinard

Ms. Erica L. Kindelberger

Mrs. Susan M. Kinney

Ms. Mary E. Kirkman

Ms. Jane A. Kiser

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kiser

Mrs. Doll E. Kitt

Mrs. Dorothy G. Kline

Ms. Shirley J. Knapp

Mr. Robert Knarr

Mrs. Emma S. Kneidinger

Mrs. Sandra Kneidinger

Ms. Linda K. Knepp

Mr. Brian Knopsnyder

Mrs. Suzy Knorr

Mrs. Joyce A. Knowles

Mrs. Norma Koch

Mr. Stephen M. Kochman

Mr. George Koeck

Mrs. Karen A. Koehle

Mr. Michael Koehle

Mr. Michael C. Kopco

Mr. Paul E. Kopp

Hon. Jolene G. Kopriva and Mr. Thomas W. Kopriva

Ms. Jessica Korab

Mr. Kevin R. Kornprobst

Ms. Colleen Kosko

Mr. and Mrs. Barton Kough

Ms. Mary Kay Kraft

Ms. Beth Krater

Mrs. Nancy W. Kraybill

Mr. Edward C. Kreuz, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Krimmel

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Krizner

Mrs. Rebecca S. Krol

Mrs. Donna Krouse

Mr. Brent R. Krug

Ms. Frances Kupsky

Mr. and Mrs. Chris J. Lacey

Ms. Jean Laino

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Lake

Mrs. Susan H. Lamertina

Ms. Susan J. Lang

Mrs. Judy M. Lankes

Ms. Tina LaRock

Mr. Keith R. Larrimore

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Larson

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Lascoli

Mrs. Shirley M. Latterner

Mrs. Olga H. Lawruk

Mr. Robert E. Layton

Mr. Owen Leabhart and Ms. Carolyn Dixion

Mrs. Mary F. Leap

Mrs. Carmella F. Lear

Mrs. Debra A. Leberfinger

Ms. Kathryn R. Lechene

Ms. Donna Lechner

Mrs. Kim E. Lee

Dr. and Mrs. David R. Lee

Ms. Joan C. Lehman

Mr. Randall Lemmo

Ms. Rachael A. Lenhart

Ms. Jessica A. Lettanza

Attorney and Mrs. Benjamin I. Levine, Jr.

Mrs. Kathi D. Lewis

Mr. Barry Leydig

Mr. William P. Lidwell

Ms. Michele Liebal

Ms. Susan Lightbourn

Lt. Col. and Mrs. George M. Lightner, Jr.

Mr. Thomas Lightner

Mr. Paul F. Lilly, Jr.

Ms. Jennie A. Lind

Ms. Elizabeth E. Linderman

Mr. Cletus Link

Rev. and Mrs. Chester Lippy

Mr. Ronald Lipson

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Little

Mr. Robert D. Little

Ms. Margaret Litzinger

Mr. and Mrs. Darron B. Locke

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Long

Mr. Jeff Long

Mr. and Mrs. John Longo

Mr. Brian T. Looney

Ms. Sue E. Lounsbury

Mr. John Lovelace

Ms. Michele D. Lowell

Mr. Glenn Lowmaster

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Lowmaster

Mr. Brian J. Lucas

Ms. Trina M. Luce

Mr. Michael Luciano

Ms. Rita Luciano

Mrs. Amy J. Lusk

Mr. Mark Lynam

Ms. Sharon A. Lynn

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Lytle

Ms. Carol MacIntyre

Ms. Josephine L. Magda

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Magee

Dr. and Mrs. R. Samuel Magee

Mr. Lamont Maier

Ms. Sabrina Maines

Mrs. Maribeth S. Majetic

Ms. Donna Malato

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Maldet

Mr. Martin Malone

Mrs. Saundra K. Malone

Ms. Cindy Malone

Mr. and Mrs. Rolland E. Malott

Mr. Michael Malovitch

Ms. Lisa Mancinelli

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Maniglia

Ms. Christine K. Manning-Treaster

Mrs. Beth B. Marchi

Ms. Constance Marker

Mrs. Alice S. Marshall

Mr. Simeon Martin

Ms. Mary Martino

Mrs. Marjorie P. Martz

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Mason

Mrs. Rebecca Mathers

Ms. Kathy Mathias

Mr. Thomas P. Mathias

Mr. Kenneth L. Matthews

Mrs. Cynthia H. Mattivi

Ms. Laurie K. Mayer

Mr. Phillip Mazzarese

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. McAleer

Ms. Emily S. McClain

Mrs. Lavonda McClain

Dr. and Mrs. Francis J. McClain

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. McCloskey, Jr.

Ms. Naomi McCloskey

Ms. Susan H. McClure

Mrs. Diana L. McClure

Mrs. Robin D. McClure

Ms. Edna A. McConnell

Ms. Catherine McConnell

Mr. and Mrs. David J. McConnell

Mr. Ronald and  Dr. Lauren McConnell

Mr. and Mrs. Fred McCorkle and family

Ms. Lindsey McCoy

Mr. Matthew W. McCoy

Mr. and Mrs. Art McDaniel

Mr. Brian D. McDonagh

Ms. Kathy McDonald

Mr. Richard G. McDowell

Ms. Sharon McDowell

Mr. and Mrs. John P. McElhany

Mr. Patrick McElwain

Mr. John R. McGhee, Jr.

Mr. Michael T. McGough

Ms. Penelope S. McIntyre

Mr. John R. McIntyre

Ms. Kim J. McKee

Mr. William McKillop

Mr. and Mrs. Mark McLaren

Mr. William E. McLaughlin, Jr.

Mr. Brian G. McManigal

Mr. and Mrs. William McManus, Jr.

Ms. Dawn McMaster

Mrs. Neleen McMasters

Mr. Edwin J. McMinn

Mr. F. D. McMullen

Mr. Francis H. McMullen

Mr. Terry McMullen

Mr. Robert McMullin

Mr. Tim McNaughton

Ms. Dorothy McNulty

Mr. and Mrs. William F. McPhail

Ms. Amanda L. Means

Mr. Robert G. Meeker

Mrs. Amanda K. Melius

Ms. Kristina S. Mellott

Mr. and Mrs. N. Bruce Mentch

Ms. Gina Merritts

Mr. Stanley R. Metz

Ms. Heidi Metzger

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Meyers

Dr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Michelone

Ms. Tiffany M. Miles

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Miller

Mrs. Mildred S. Miller

Mr. Roy C. Miller

Mrs. Shirley L. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Miller

Ms. Amy Miller

Mr. David A. Miller

Mr. Ed Miller

Mr. Emanuel K. Miller

Mrs. Joan L. Miller

Ms. Mary Jo Miller

Mr. Richard C. Miller

Mr. Noel L. Miller

Ms. Michelle Miller

Mr. Jan D. Mills, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Mills

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Mills

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Miloro

Mr. James C. Mincin

Mr. Edward Minor

Mrs. Victoria Mirenda

Mr. Tom Mishler

Mrs. Susan C. Mishock-Clapper

Ms. Catherine Mitchell

Mrs. Linda J. Mitchell

Mr. Pete Mitchell

Ms. Toni M. Mognet

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Montler

David J. Montrella, D.M.D.

Mr. Brian M. Moore

Ms. Amy Moore

Ms. Alice D. Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Morello

Mr. and Mrs. Josh Morgan

Ms. Charlene D. Morgan

Ms. Nicole Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Morningstar

Ms. Lori M. Morningstar

Mr. and Mrs. Michael T Morrell

Ms. Mary M. Morris

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Morrison

Ms. Linda Morrison

Mr. J. Mark Moschella

Mr. Mark A. Moschella

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Mosley

Mr. and Mrs. S. Horace Mowrer

Ms. Mary Ann Moyer

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Muccitelli

Mrs. Nellilou G. Muir

Ms. Bonnie Mulauski

Mr. James A. Mullendore

Mrs. Raegan Murin-Wiley

Ms. Regina L. Murphy

Mrs. Doris L. Musselman

Mr. Gabriel Musselman

Mrs. Martha M. Musser

Mr. D. Elwood Myers

Mr. Richard D. Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Denis J. Navarro

Ms. Jenn Neff

Mrs. Kimberly J. Negri

Ms. Corinne Nevling

Mr. Walter J. Nichols, Sr.

Mr. Richard Nielsen

Mr. Thomas C. Noffsker

Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Nordman

Ms. Judith F. Norris

Mr. Joseph Novak

Mr. John Noyd

Ms. Beverly Oakes

Mr. Husam A. Obeid and Mrs. Rahaf Obeid

Ms. Carol M. O'Brien

Mr. and Mrs. Luke O'Brien

Ms. Alma O'Donald

Mr. Robert Okonak

Mrs. Joy A. Ollinger

Mrs. Carolyn S. Orner

Mr. John H. Orr

Mr. Roy J. Orr

Dr. and Mrs. Carroll P. Osgood

Ms. Margo A. Osterhout

Ms. Cynthia M. Oswald

Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Oswalt, III

Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Otto

Mrs. Cora L. Owens

Mr. Leonard D. Pacifico, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Packer

Mr. Lloyd W. Painter

Mr. Frank Pandolfino, Jr.

Ms. Debbie Panei

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Pannebaker

Mr. James M. Papp

Ms. Dorothy C. Park

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Paronish

Dr. and Mrs. Keith J. Parowski

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Parson

Mrs. Ramona M. Parsons

Mrs. Sharon L. Parsons

Ms. Kathleen Patrick

Mrs. M. Roberta Patterson

Mr. Kenneth L. Patterson, Jr.

Mr. John M. Paxton

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Pennington

Ms. S. Gisele Peoples

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Pepoy

Mr. Bill Pepper

Mr. Rick A. Perretta

Mrs. Audrey J. Peterman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Peters

Mrs. Betty J. Peterson

Mrs. Jeanine D. Peterson

Mrs. Judith E. Peterson

Ms. Devin Petrulla

Ms. Wendy D. Pfahler

Mrs. Debra S. Picano

Mrs. Shirley R. Pike

Mrs. Rose A. Piroumoff

Mr. Clifford E. Plank

Ms. Kathy Plesnick

Mr. and Ms. Paul E. Pletcher, II

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Polenik

Mr. and Mrs. Neil M. Port

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Port

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Postles

Mrs. Laverne T. Previte

Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Price

Mr. Chester G. Price

Ms. Crystal Price

Mr. Gerald Pristas

Mrs. Victoria Prough

Mr. Frank Pruyn

Mr. Ronald Pruznak

Dr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Pyle

Mr. David M. Pytel

Mr. Timothy Quigley

Ms. Rachel Rababy

Mr. Matthew Rabinowitz

Mr. Charles C. Rabold, Jr.

Mr. Patrick M. Rabuck

Dr. and Mrs. James W. Ramsay

Dr. and Mrs. Gary A. Raymond

Paul A. Raymond, MD

Mrs. Jean M. Reams-DeVita

Mr. Lyle E. Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Reeder

Mr. Dennis Reese

Ms. Donna M. Reese

Ms. Kim Reese

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Reese

Mr. Marlane F. Regala

Mr. Michael J. Resca

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Reynolds

Mrs. Pamela L. Rhine

Mr. and Mrs. Earl P. Rhodes, Jr.

Mr. Charles M. Rhodes

Ms. M. Carol Rhodes

Mr. Robert L. Rhodes, Jr.

Mrs. Betty M. Richardson

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Rickabaugh

Mrs. Shirley A. Rickens

Mrs. Zelda M. Riddle

Ms. Jessica Riley

Mrs. Shirley F. Riley

Ms. Brenda Ritchey

Mrs. Doris J. Ritchey

Mrs. Roberta L. Ritchey

Mr. Travis B. Ritchey

Mr. and Mrs. William Ritenour

Mr. Ronald Ritko

Dr. Victor J. Rizzo

Ms. Ann L. Roarabaugh

Mrs. Joyce L. Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Robison

Mrs. Kari-Ann Rocco

Mr. Paul A. Rockar, Jr.

Ms. Linda F. Rockwell

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Roefaro

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Rohrbaugh

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Roland

Mrs. Linda M. Ronan

Ms. Nona Ropp

Ms. Donna M. Roscia

Mrs. Bertha S. Rose

Mr. Walter T. Rose

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Rosenthall

Mrs. Patricia A. Ross

Mrs. Mary E. Rossman

Mrs. Judith D. Rossman

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ruben

Mrs. Donna R. Rudasill

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Z. Rush

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Russell

Mr. and Mrs. Jon C. Russin

Mrs. Lisa A. Ruston

Mr. Paul V. Ruth

Mrs. Jeanne P. Rutherford

Mrs. Vicki L. Rymarz

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Rzasa

Mr. Kurt J. Saale

Ms. Georgine A. Safko-Dodson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Saline

Mr. Mark A. Salisbury

Ms. Teresa Salome

Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Sanker

Mrs. Barbara B. Sarra

Ms. Patricia Savage

Mrs. Dona J. Savine

Mr. and Mrs. George Savine

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Savino

Ms. Jolene Sawinski

Dr. and Mrs. Roger V. Scanlan

Mr. Raymond J. Scanlan

Ms. Madeline Scavone

Mrs. Shelly Scavone

Mr. Vincent J. Scavone

Ms. Kenzie Scavone

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schachtner

Ms. Sandra K. Schandelmeier

Mr. Brian J. Scheeler

Mrs. Ann E. Scheeler

Mrs. Diane Schenk

Ms. Jane M. Scherden

Ms. Dorothy E. Schickling

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Schimminger

Ms. Patricia A. Schinkle

Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Schraff

Mrs. Linda Schreiber

Mr. Rayford C. Schrock

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Schuh

Mr. Kerry D. Schultz

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Scott

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Scott

Mr. F. Edward Scott

Mr. Phil Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Searer

Ms. Kaitlin E. Seasoltz

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Seasoltz

Mrs. Amanda Sechrist

Mr. and Mrs. Edmond L. Seguin

Mr. John R. Seidel

Mr. Richard Seidel

Mr. Sanford H. Selden

Ms. Diane Selfridge

Mr. Michael Selfridge

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Sell

Mr. C. Frank Sellers

Mr. and Mrs. Irving Seltzer

Mr. and Mrs. Alex J. Seltzer

Mr. Steven S. Seltzer

Ms. Amy B. Seltzer

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Servello

Mr. Thomas F. Sgriccia

Mr. Jerry Shaffer

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Shaffer

Mr. Gerald M. Shaner

Mr. Patrick Shaughnessey

Mrs. Avis L. Shaw

Ms. Carol Shaw

Mrs. Marian Shaw

Mrs. Mary C. Shea

Mrs. Nancy Shedd

Mr. Kevin V. Sheedy

Mrs. Mary A. Sheedy

Mr. and Mrs. William Sheedy

Ms. Tina Sheetz

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Sheetz

Mrs. Patricia A. Sheetz

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Shellenberger

Mr. and Mrs. William V. Shenefelt

Mr. Ernest A. Sheppard

Ms. Barbara Sherlock

Mrs. Susan K. Shildt

Mr. John Shirock

Mr. Herbert F. Shoenfelt

Mr. J. Douglas Shook

Mrs. Velma Shoop

Mrs. Lillian A. Shore

Mr. Dewey Showalter

Mr. Skip Sigel

Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Simanski

Dr. Michael A. Simone

Ms. Christine M. Sims

Mr. Jack Sinclair

Ms. Darlene A. Sinisi

Mr. Rick Sinitski

Mrs. Lynn H. Sirinek

Mr. David Sisko

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Sissler

Mr. and Mrs. Philip B. Sky

Mr. John Slagel

Mr. Robert D. Slobodnik

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D Smith

Ms. Mary A. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Smith

Mr. Kenneth Smith

Mrs. Ruth Smith

Mrs. Barbara J. Smith

Mrs. Carol J. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Smith

Hon. Judge and Mrs. D. Brooks Smith

Mr. James A. Smith

Mr. Richard L. Smith

Ms. Susan K. Smith

Mrs. Terry Smith

Mr. Thomas B. Smith

Mrs. Wanda L. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Adam L. Smith

Ms. Sally S. Smith

Mrs. Maureen C. Smithe

Ms. Patricia E. Snare

Ms. Virginia Snare

Mrs. Sharon Snider

Ms. Terri Snowberger

Ms. Cindy Snyder

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Snyder

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley G. Snyder

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Sollers

Ms. Elaine Solomon

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Songer, II

Mrs. Carol Sossong

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sossong

Ms. Melissa Sovak

Mrs. Susan Speck, RN, BSN

Mr. Fred M. Sponsler, Jr.

Mr. Luther H. Sprankle, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley W. Sral, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Stampfle

Mrs. Stephanie Stankiewicz

Mr. Jeffrey Starkey

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. States

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Staub

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Stefanon

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Steinbugl

Ms. Carolyn M. Stenger

Mrs. Carol M. Stephens

Mr. and Mrs. Marty A. Stern

Mr. Joseph J. Stevens

Ms. Kim Steward

Mr. and Mrs. Denny Stewart

Mrs. Florence M. Stiffler

Mr. Randall Stiffler

Mr. Steve Stiffler

Ms. Patricia A. Stimer

Ms. Charlotte A. Stiver

Mrs. Kay Stiver

Mrs. Allison Stockley

Mr. Brian Stoehr

Ms. Joyce A. Stoehr

Ms. Leah Stoehr

Mr. Frank Stohon

Ms. Shirley E. Stoltz

Mr. Ronald E. Stoner

Mr. James E. Stoner

Mr. Robert F. Stosito

Mr. James Stotsky

Mr. Mark Stouffer

Mrs. Linda Stover

Mrs. Sherry E. Strait

Mr. William Stratton

Mrs. Joanne M. Straw

Mrs. Linda L. Strobert

Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Strong

Mrs. Joan E. Strunack

Mrs. Virginia M. Stuby

Mrs. Betty J. Stuckey

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Stuckey

Mr. Galen I. Stuski

Ms. Connie Suchan

Miss Theresa M. Sukala

Mrs. Lisa Sukenik

Mr. F. Michael Sulesky

Atty. and Mrs. Timothy M. Sullivan

Mr. Steven C. Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Swanson

Mrs. Gloria Sweeney

Ms. Jacqueline Sweeney

Dr. Amy Swindell-Cummings and Mr. Timothy J. Cummings

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Swope

Dr. and Mrs. John T Symons

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Taddei

Mrs. Kristen L. Taddei

Mrs. Bonnie Tarman

Mr. and Mrs. Randy W. Tarpey

Mrs. Kathryn A. Terrizzi

Mr. Jeffrey E. Thomas

Dr. and Mrs. M. J. Thomas

Ms. Paige M. Thomas

Ms. Lynne P. Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Thompson

Mrs. Joan Thompson

Ms. Dawn M. Thompson

Mr. Gary Thompson

Mr. Allen L. Thompson

Ms. Debbie Tilson

Mr. Randall Tipmore

Mrs. Helen T. Tomassetti

Ms. JoAnn L. Tomb

Ms. Clara M. Tomlinson

Ms. Sally B. Toner

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Tremblay

Mrs. Marie Tremel

Mr. Charles J. Trexler

Mr. J. P. Trexler

Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Trimarco

Mr. William H. Trippler

Mrs. Carol L. Tromm

Mr. and Mrs. Christian A Tronzo

Ms. Lynda C. Trout

Ms. Sharon Troy

Mrs. Paulette A. Turano

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Turley

Ms. Billie Ann Turnbaugh

Mrs. Jennie M. Turner

Mr. Timothy Tyger

Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Uhlig

Ms. Helen L. Umbower

Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Umstead

Mr. Anthony B. Utnik

Ms. Jacklyn F. Valentine

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Van Buren

Rev. and Mrs. Robert H. Van Natta

Mr. Gerry Van Veenendaal

Mr. John S. Vancas

Mrs. Theresa G. Vaughn

Mr. Herbert Vaughn

Mrs. Dianne Vellner

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Veneziale

Ms. Catherine M. Ventre

Ms. Shirley A. Vinosky

Ms. Juliana Vipond

Mr. Harry Vipond

Mr. Scott F. Vogel

Mrs. Helen Von Stein

Mr. Paul J. Vrabel

Ms. Frances M. Wachnicki

Mrs. Barbara R. Wachter

Mrs. Nina J. Wagner

Mr. Samuel L. Wagner

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Wagner

Mrs. Joyce R. Wagner

Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Wagner

Ms. Katherine M. Wagner

Mrs. Sylvia K. Wahler

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wakefoose

Mr. Travis Walkup

Ms. Robin D. Wallace

Mr. John A. Wallet

Mr. Harold C. Walter

Mrs. Ethel Walters

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Walters

Mr. Howard P. Walters

Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Waltz

Mr. Ronald D. Wareham

Ms. Shirley Warker

Ms. Brianna Watt

Ms. Christine E. Watts

Mr. Faber C. Weakland

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon L. Weaver

Mrs. Donna L. Weaver

Ms. Jill L. Weaver

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn C. Weaver

Mrs. Patricia Weber

Ms. Linda Weber

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Wehner

Ms. Annette D. Weindler

Ms. Roberta D. Weiner

Ms. Pamela Weir

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Weise

Mrs. Linda Welding Maitra

Mrs. Virgie Werner

Mr. Kenneth H. Wertz, III

Mr. Douglas M. Westover

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Weyandt

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Weyandt

Mr. Robert C. Weyandt

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley M. Weymers

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Wharton

Ms. Mary L. Wheeler

Ms. Joni L. Whetstone

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher White

Mr. and Mrs. Jay S. White

Ms. Patricia A. White

Mr. Gary Whitfield

Mr. Curtis D. Whitfield

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Whiting

Mrs. Peggy A. Whittington

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Wible

Mrs. Mary Wiley

Mrs. Catherine S. Wilk

Ms. Darlene J. Wilkinson

Mrs. Betty J. Wilkinson

Mr. Thaddeus J. Will

Ms. Janet L. Williams

Mrs. Susan M. Willis

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Willnecker

Ms. Jane C. Wills

Mr. Timothy Wills

Mr. Donald L. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Wilson

Mrs. Leslie P. Wilson

Ms. Kim M. Wilt

Mr. Scott Windle and Ms. Kathy L. Reid

Mr. James E. Wineland

Mrs. Constance V. C. Winkler

Ms. Jessie L. Wise

Mrs. Joyce K. Wise

Mr. Steve Witmer

Mr. Mark Wohler

Ms. Arlene J. Wojno

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Wolf

Mrs. Dorothy Wolfe

Mrs. Marie L. Wolford

Ms. Carole Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Woodring

Ms. Diana Woy

Mrs. Vanessa V. Wozniak

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Wright

Ms. Anneliese Wright

Mr. Wayne Wyar

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yarger

Mr. James Yeager

Ms. Gretchen Yeamans

Mrs. Wanda M. Yingling

Mr. John W. Yingling

Ms. Karen L. Yocum

Ms. Barbara J. Yoder

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Yoder

Ms. Peggy J. Young

Mrs. Rebecca F. Young

Mr. William R. Young

Mrs. Gina M. Zabrosky

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Zakrzwski

Mr. James Zalno

Mrs. Kathleen A. Zang

Mr. W. Robert Zaph

Mr. Butch Zavalanski

Mr. and Mrs. Walter I. Zborowsky

Ms. Ashley L. Zeak

Mr. and Mrs. Perry Patrick A. Zilka

Mrs. Ilissa Zimmerman and Mr. Scott Glass

Dr. and Mrs. A. Leonard Zimmerman

Mr. John N. Zitzlsperger

Mr. Paul J. Zolna

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Zook

Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Zook

Ms. Betty Zovlonsky

Mrs. Sondra R. Zupon

Ms. Theresa Zurilla

Mrs. Susan H. Adams

Ms. Sandra Africa

Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Ager

Mr. Frank Ake

Mr. John R. Alexander

Mr. Stephane J. Allard

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ames

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Arendt

Ms. Theda M. Arford

Mrs. Catherine S. Arnold

Mr. and Mrs. Jordan S. Bailinger

Mrs. Teresa Bailor-Wolford

Mr. and Mrs. Victor E. Ballash

Mr. Sheldon Bare

Mrs. Mary L. Barnhart

Mr. Charles R. Barr

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Barthelmes

Mr. and Mrs. John Bartley

Mr. and Mrs. Merle A. Barton

Mrs. Christina Baublitz

Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Baxter

Mr. H. John Beamer

Mrs. Lois C. Bearer

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beauchamp

Mrs. Jo Ann M. Beck

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Beckel

Mrs. Linda Becker

Mr. Montie Beegle

Mr. James B. Beemiller

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Behe

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Beichler

Mrs. Clara V. Bennetti

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Bettwy

Ms. Cindy L. Bice

Ms. Crystal Biddle

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Bidwell, Jr.

Mrs. Lorraine A. Bieniek

Ms. Paula Biseli

Mrs. Norma L. Bistline

Ms. Barbara H. Black

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Blahut

Mrs. Doreen C. Blake

Ms. Jody M. Blake

Ms. Kim Blocher

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Bloom

Mr. Gary D. Bollinger

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Booher

Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Bower

Mrs. Shirley Bowman

Mrs. Edith C. Bradford

Mrs. Sarah Braxton

Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Brodbeck

Mr. and Mrs. Francis D. Brown

Mr. Joseph E. Brown

Mr. Joseph T. Brown

Mr. Robert D. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Brusko

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Bubb

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Burket

Ms. Pauline Burkey

Mrs. Rebecca Burns

Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Burris

Mr. Gary P. L. Bussard

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Cain

Ms. Suzanne E. Caldwell

Ms. Janice L. Calvin

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Caputo

Mrs. Marian A. Carey

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Carper

Ms. Nancy Cherry

Mrs. Rozella M. Chestney

Mrs. Elizabeth L. Churella

Mr. and Mrs. Carmen J. Ciarrocca

Mrs. Betsy A. Cignetti

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Civils

Ms. Jessica Clare-Albright

Ms. Nellie J. Clark

Mr. Robert M. Clark

Mrs. Denise M. Clay

Mr. Breton J. Claycomb

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Clites

Ms. Melissa Coble

Mrs. Linda K. Confer

Mrs. Betty L. Conner

Mr. William Conway

Mrs. C. Marie Corle

Mrs. Josephine Cornelius

Mrs. Mary Ellen Cousin

Ms. Jennifer L. Cox

Mr. and Mrs. Barry J. Craig

Mrs. Paula J. Craw

Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Crawford

Mrs. Carolyn F. Criswell

Ms. Renee Criswell

Mrs. Geri Cronauer

Ms. Amy L. Croom

Mrs. Karen D'Anna

Ms. Mary D'Armi

Mrs. Pauline A. Daughenbaugh

Ms. Melinda Dawson

Mr. Clifford M. Deckman, Sr.

Mrs. Edna M. Deibler

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. DelBrocco

Mrs. Karen F. Delmonico

Mr. Leo J. DeLozier

Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Delozier

Mrs. Sylvia H. DeLozier

Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Depiro

Mrs. Brandy N. Detwiler

Mrs. Ellen DeYulius

Ms. Angela R. Dick

Ms. Shirley R. Dickson

Mr. and Mrs. Barry F. Diehl

Mrs. Sandra R. Dietz

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Dillon

Ms. Melissa Diven

Mrs. Elsie Dixon

Ms. Anna M. Dobson

Mr. Stephen W. Dolak

Mr. Joseph P. Doyle

Mr. John T. Doyle

Mr. Gerald D. Drenning, USN Ret.

Ms. Deborah Dunkle

Ms. Ruby Dunlap

Mrs. Carolyn Dunn

Ms. Jewell C. Dysard

Ms. Joan Eager

Mr. and Mrs. William Earnest

Ms. Cheryl L. Easly

Ms. Sandra L. Ebersole

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Eckenroad

Ms. Maryann Eckenrode

Mrs. Rebecca A. Eger

Mrs. Mary Jo Eger

Mr. and Mrs. John Elias

Mr. Russell Ely

Mrs. Jennifer Emerick

Mr. Harry E. Ersek, Sr.

Mr. Kenneth Ertley

Mr. William N. Esborn

Ms. Kyra Evans

Mrs. Veronica M. Evey

Miss Diana M. Fanale

Ms. Mary Fanucci

Ms. Pamela Farabaugh

Ms. Agnes F. Farster

Ms. Betty J. Fedorko

Mr. Andrew J. Felix

Mrs. Ilene Fellabaum

Mrs. Margaret Ferrenberg

Mr. and Mrs. Byron E. Ferry

Ms. Reba E. Files

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Finch

Mrs. Alexandra Fishel

Mrs. Karen A. Fisher

Mrs. Ruthanna M. Fix

Mrs. Rebecca M. Foor

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Ford

Mrs. Lucinda A. Ford

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Ford

Attorney and Mrs. R. Thomas Forr, Jr.

Ms. Emma A. Forshey

Mrs. Shirley J. Franke

Ms. Stefanie J. Franks

Mr. Gary Frazer

Ms. Elizabeth S. Fry

Mr. and Ms. Wayne Frye

Ms. Alice M. Fyock

Ms. Josephine E. Gallace

Ms. Lisa A Gallaher

Mr. Kenneth L. Garman

Mrs. Yvonne R. Gentry

Mr. James R. George

Mrs. Marilyn C. Ginther

Mrs. Nicole R. Gioiosa

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Glace

Ms. Flora B. Glasgow

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Goldberg

Ms. Louise Gottschall

Ms. Mary Lou Grace

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Graham

Mrs. Barbara Greenleaf

Ms. Heather Grodis

Ms. Kendra Grove

Ms. Tracy Grove

Ms. Shirley B. Hackney

Mrs. Martha Hagg

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Haluska

Mr. Michael Hamer

Mrs. Nancy S. Hampton

Ms. Helen T. Hanlon

Mr. and Mrs. Terrance K. Harclerode

Mrs. Lee Ann Harlow

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Harshberger

Mr. James S. Hartman, Jr.

Mr. John P. Hartsock

Mrs. Audrey B. Harvey

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hayward

Ms. Shirley A. Hearn

Mrs. Edna Heath

Ms. Kendra Heaton

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hefright

Mrs. Susan K. Heininger

Mr. Carl Helsel

Mrs. Carole S. Hendricks

Ms. Irene M. Hertzog

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Hetrick

Ms. Donna L. Hetzel

Mrs. Eileen M. Hileman

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hinton

Mr. Ronald V. Hixson

Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Hoenstine

Mrs. Mary E. Hoffer

Mrs. Lillian D. Hollen

Mrs. Lydia Hoopes

Ms. Tisha Hoover

Ms. Linda Hoover

Mr. Robert L. Hopfl

Mr. Burton F. Hopkins

Mrs. Rachael J. Hosgood

Mr. William E. Howard

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Hower

Mrs. Jane Hutzel

Ms. Mary S. Ickes

Mr. and Mrs. Cletus W. Illig

Ms. Robin Imler

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil J. Irvin, Jr.

Mr. Joseph R. Itle, III

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. James

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Johnson

Ms. Phyllis Johnston

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Jones, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kaminsky

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Kaplan

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Karns

Mr. S. Wilbert Karns

Ms. Helen L. Kauffman

Mr. Michael R. Kelleher

Ms. Madeleine L. Keller

Ms. Debbie Kelley

Mr. Dwight Kelley

Sr. M. Jane Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Kenner

Mr. and Mrs. G. Fred Kensinger

Ms. Mary A. Kessler

Ms. Michele L. Kirk

Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Kissell

Dr. Alan Kivitz and Dr. Vicki Sommer

Mr. Kenneth Klahre

Ms. Catherine Klepser

Mr. Michael Kline

Mrs. Peggy A. Knipple

Mr. Frank B. Kolbenschlag

Mrs. Joanna R. Koontz

Mrs. Mary J. Korman

Ms. Elizabeth J. Kovach

Mr. John F. Kubacka

Mr. William L. Kuhn

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Lafferty

Ms. Deb Laird

Ms. Pamela Laird

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Lamens

Ms. Vickie E. Lamont

Ms. Denise Lamson

Mr. Aaron J. Lardieri

Mrs. M. Joanne Lascoli

Mr. and Mrs. Jay D. Lasher

Ms. Vickie L. LaVelle

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Lavelle

Ms. Marion P. Lebendig

Mr. Anthony G. Leeper

Ms. Lori Lethco

Mr. William Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. W. James Lightner

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Locke

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Low

Mr. and Mrs. James Luciano

Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Lynn

Ms. Marian E. Lynn

Mrs. Mary M. Lysinger

Mrs. Diane L. Madden

Mrs. Florence Magusiak

Ms. Carmeline L. Maniglia

Mr. and Mrs. Angelo R. Marasco

Ms. Josephine K. Mark

Ms. Doris A. Marsh

Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Massimilla

Ms. Cynthia Maxwell

Dr. and Mrs. Stanley P. Mayers, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Leo R. Mazman

Mrs. April McCall

Mrs. Justina M. McCaulley

Mr. and Mrs. Regis S. McCloskey

Mrs. Rita M. McConville

Mrs. Mary M. McCoy

Mrs. Donna McCoy

Mrs. Marie O. McEwen

Ms. Pauline F. McGinnis

Ms. Linda McGrath

Mrs. Dorothy M. McKee

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. McKeehen

Mr. David A. McKinney

Mr. Charles R. McMaster

Mrs. Geraldine F. McTaggart

Mrs. Dolores A. Mears

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Mikolajczyk

Mr. and Mrs. Douglass G. Miller

Ms. Beth A. Miller

Mrs. Melody K. Miller

Ms. Isadora A. Miller

Ms. Sharon L. Miller

Mrs. Laura M. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Moore

Mr. Terence Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Morgan

Ms. Jennie Morrow

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Mountain

Mrs. Gail Mowry

Ms. Jean P. Myers

Mr. Ken Myers

Mr. Donald Nace, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Leo R. Nead

Ms. Ginger Neil

Mrs. Mildred K. Norris

Ms. Polly A. Novosel-English

Ms. Marcella E. Ocker

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scott Ohs

Mr. Thomas D. O'Leary

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Orr

Mrs. Nancy M. Ott

Mrs. Mary J. Owen

Ms. Agatha M. Pacifico

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Packech

Mrs. Carolyn B. Painter

Ms. Stacy Ann Parrish

Ms. Jo-Ann Parsons

Ms. Caprice Patterson

Mr. Richard T. Paul

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Peters

Mr. James L. Peters, Sr.

Mrs. Elizabeth Petney

Ms. Marilyn M. Petroff

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Pheasant

Mrs. Marie Piastrelli

Mrs. Kay A. Pine

Ms. Suzanne P. Piotrowski

Mrs. Shirley A. Plunkett

Mr. John M. Porta, Jr.

Mr. Robert S. Puchalla

Mrs. Mary Puffer

Mr. and Mrs. James Pysher

Mr. Don K. Ranatunga

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Reighard

Ms. A. Vivian Reilly

Mr. Dale W. Replogle

Mrs. Margaret J. Richards

Ms. Sylvia Rickabaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton C. Rickens

Mrs. Ruth Riley

Mrs. Diane K. Ringler

Ms. Crystal D. Ritchey

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Roesch

Ms. Jean Rose

Ms. Terri Rossman

Mr. Albert Roth

Mrs. Brenda K. Runk

Mr. and Mrs. Fred I. Rutherford

Mrs. Grace Saclaro

Ms. E. Lorraine Sanker

Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Sankey

Mr. Carmen Scarpaci

Mr. Regis W. Schall

Mrs. Theresa M. Scheidell

Ms. Linda Schiavi

Mr. Carlton R. Schirm

Mr. and Mrs. Shane Schmitt

Dr. and Mrs. Jack Schocker

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Schreffler

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Seasoltz

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Seger

Mrs. Lois V. Sgro

Ms. Dana J. Shade

Ms. Stormy Shank

Ms. Jacqueline F. Shaw

Mr. John W. Shepps

Mr. James M. Sheridan

Ms. Jean Showalter

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Sides

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sigado

Mrs. Lois Simone

Ms. Katie Sitch

Mrs. Kathy Skupaka

Mr. and Mrs. E. Jackson Sleeth

Ms. Pam Smith

Mr. and Mrs. R. Leroy Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Perry M. Smith

Mr. Jeff Smith

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Smith

Mrs. Lilia J. Sprankle

Ms. Dianne S. St. Clair

Mrs. Norma L. Stake

Mrs. Kathleen L. Starner

Ms. Karen Stebelski

Mrs. Kathy L. Steel

Mrs. Marlene R. Steinbugl

Mrs. Geraldine F. Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Stever

Mrs. Mary Ellen Stone

Ms. Jeanne Storm

Mr. and Mrs. Lester E. Stover

Ms. Carol L. Stringer

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Strong

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Stuart, Sr.

Mrs. Grace W. Stultz

Mr. Robert P. Swanger

Ms. Ruth A. Swartz

Ms. Betty Lou Switzler

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Szczesny

Mr. Gale Tedhams

Mrs. Vera W. Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Thomas

Mr. Paul M. Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Lester M. Tibbetts

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Titus

Ms. Rhonda A. Trexler

Ms. Elizabeth Tully

Ms. Billie Jo Uron

Ms. Janet Valentino

Mr. and Mrs. Lester A. Van Alstyne, Jr.

Mr. Joseph Van Scoyoc

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Varner

Mr. Mike Velde

Mr. William J. Vigne

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Vincent

Mrs. Debra A. Wade

Mr. Robert Wagner

Mr. and Mrs. Jack K. Wagner

Ms. Lindsay Wagner

Ms. Dorothy S. Walker

Ms. Denise A. Walters

Mrs. Rebecca Wantiez

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Warner

Ms. Kasey Watt

Ms. Faye Weaver

Ms. Freda S. Weaver

Ms. Vera Weaver

Ms. Marilyn M. Weaver

Ms. Roseanne Weigl

Ms. Pamala L. Weitzel

Ms. Stacey Werner

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Westrick

Ms. Theresa Weyant

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie M. Wheeler

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde H. Whetstone

Mr. and Mrs. John Whitlock

Ms. Linzi Wilkinson

Ms. Kelly Williams

Mrs. Lorraine J. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Wilson

Mr. Rodney M. Wilson

Mrs. Amy B. Winegardner

Ms. Kay Ann Winkler

Mr. Paul W. Winslow

Ms. Kathleen M. Winter

Mr. Richard R. Winter

Ms. Connie M. Worley

Mr. Frank S. Wozniak, Jr.

Mrs. Mary A. Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Wyke

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Yahner

Ms. Judith A. Yingling

Ms. Ruby L. Zeek

Mrs. Rita V. Zupon

Allegro Ristorante

Bill Sell's BOLD

Chris' Hallmark Shop

Citiclean Janitorial Svcs., Inc.

D.P. Short Trucking

ETJ Boosters

Finelli's Italian Villa

First United Methodist Church - Unity Sunday School Class

Giant Eagle - Altoona #693

Home Instead Senior Care

Lena's Cafe

Mama Randazzo's

Martin's Food Market

Morris Management

New Enterprise Stone and Lime, Quarter Century Club

Phoenix Restaurant

Rommelt Elementary School Faculty and Staff

Singers Gap United Methodist Women

The Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary of Huntingdon

Weis Markets

Werstil Companies