Pediatric Home Connection Myths and Facts

MYTH: As a parent/guardian, I have to make many calls to receive services and support.

FACT: One call to Pediatric Home Connection connects you to all Home Nursing Agency services. Our staff will coordinate the wide array of healthcare services available to families through Home Nursing Agency. Our staff ensures a family’s access to physical/occupational/speech/behavioral health therapists as well as to services such as Early Intervention, Nurse-Family Partnership® and Women, Infants and Children (WIC). Our team can also help you coordinate other types of support.


MYTH: Pediatric Home Connection can provide staffing with little notice.

FACT: While timely staffing is our number one goal, we are equally committed to carefully selecting quality nurses who are a “perfect match” for the families and who complete an extensive screening process including child abuse/FBI clearances. An employee is never placed into a patient’s home without receiving patient-specific training. Furthermore, pediatric specific competencies and training must be completed. Our thorough process ensures high rates of satisfaction among PHC families!


MYTH: Parents can change their scheduled hours when they choose.

FACT: Scheduled hours can only be changed with a physician order and the authorization from the insurance provider. Pediatric Home Connection abides by the rules and enforces the guidelines put in place by the physicians and insurance providers.


MYTH: A parent/guardian can direct a nurse to extend his/her shift beyond the scheduled hours for that day.

FACT: A nurse cannot stay beyond the scheduled shift time unless it is an emergent situation and the extension was authorized by the insurance provider.


MYTH: If the patient does not receive all of the authorized hours for the day, they can “carry over” the hours to use at another time during the month.

FACT: Authorized private duty nursing hours cannot carry over to a different day of the month unless the hours were not provided due to scheduling conflict on behalf of Pediatric Home Connection. 


MYTH: Pediatric Home Connection has the final decision on what private duty nursing services are provided to a patient and can dictate how to use authorized hours.

FACT: The patient’s physician requests services and the insurance provider determines: what services are medically necessary (i.e. work, sleep, and attend school) the number of hours Pediatric Home Connection provide service.


MYTH: Pediatric Home Connection does not care if my child’s shift is covered by staff.

FACT: Our goal is to maintain 100% coverage of services requested for patients. We work diligently to develop staffing solutions to avoid missing shift coverage. Additionally, we are responsible to report shifts that are missed to the insurance provider.


MYTH: If I need to run errands, the nurse in my home is able to care for all of my children.

FACT: By law, our nurses are not permitted to oversee or to care for other children in the home. They can provide care for only the Pediatric Home Connection patient.


MYTH: The nurse in my home can take my child to physician appointments in his/her vehicle without a parent/guardian.

FACT: The parent/guardian is required to transport the nurse and the child to a physician appointment. Our nurses are not permitted to transport a child in a vehicle.