Specialized Alzheimer's Care & Support

10 Principles of Communication

Excerpt of “Becoming an Alzheimer’s Whisperer©" by Verna Carson & K.J. Vanderhost in the August 2009 CARING magazine

1. Use the five minute rule. Remember that a person in middle stage Alzheimer’s disease has only five minutes of short-term memory. If you say or do something that agitates a person with Alzheimer’s disease, walk away for 5-6 minutes, then return with a different response. It is as if your first action was erased from the person’s memory, and you are starting over with a clean slate!

2. Validate feelings and emotions behind the words.

3. Avoid reasoning and arguing to make a point – no one wins an argument with someone with Alzheimer’s disease!

4. Maintain a calm approach as well as a calm atmosphere.

5. Maintain eye contact and approach the person from the front. Peripheral vision is gone in middle stage Alzheimer’s disease.

6. Enter the person’s reality.

7. Avoid quizzing – it only leads to frustration!

8. Be aware of non-verbal behavior – your own as well as the individual with Alzheimer’s disease.

9. Banish “Don’t you remember?” from your communication repertoire.

10. Use gestures and encourage one step at a time in all activities.

Is your mother, father or loved one showing signs of memory loss/Alzheimer’s disease?

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