Early Intervention Services

For children birth to three-years-old

Having a child is one of life’s greatest experiences. HNA Early Intervention Services specialize in helping children learn, grow and develop right where they are: at home, in the community, and in day care.

When you choose HNA Early Intervention, our team approach focuses on helping you achieve what’s important to you, your child and your family. Through the sharing of information and expertise, we offer seamless coordination of your child’s services by providing all types of care. We offer the full range of services you may need for your child up to three-years-old, including:

  • Child Development Specialists – help you set goals and create learning opportunities throughout your child’s daily routines.
  • Occupational Therapists – support you in helping your child reach, grasp, play, and eat independently while helping you understand how babies respond to sight, sound, feel, taste, movement, and smell.
  • Physical Therapists – support you in helping your child with body strength and muscle control so he or she can learn to move, walk, and play.
  • Speech and Language Pathologists – teach strategies to promote the development of your child’s communication, understanding, and use of language. Speech and occupational therapists can also coordinate plans to address any concerns with your child’s eating/feeding issues.
  • Social Workers – provide support and counseling so your family can create the best environment to encourage your child’s growth and development.
  • Certified Infant Massage Therapist – teaches families how to use gentle touch to communicate with your child, and provide relaxation and relief.

Why choose HNA Early Intervention Services?

  • Premier provider of Early Intervention Services in Blair County for the past 30 years with combined staff experience of over 100 years.
  • New provider option of Early Intervention Services in Centre County, bringing the wealth of experience from Blair County.
  • Established relationships with North Star Support Services Early Intervention professionals, local and regional pediatricians and medical specialists, as well as other child related agencies within Central Pennsylvania.
  • Access to other specialized pediatric services through Home Nursing Agency’s network of children’s services such as WIC, Nurse-Family Partnership, school and community-based Children’s Behavioral Health Services, and free bereavement support for children.
  • Home Nursing Agency provides high-quality services and is a not-for-profit agency serving the Central Pennsylvania region since 1968.
  • Long-standing, active member of the Pennsylvania Early Intervention Provider Association.

Blair County: To coordinate HNA Early Intervention Services for your child, contact North Star at 814-949-7230.

Centre County: To coordinate HNA Early Intervention Services for your child, contact Centre County Early Intervention at 814-355-6786.

Bedford County: To coordinate HNA Early Intervention Services for your child, contact Bedford County Early Intervention at 814-623-5166.

Learn more about Early Intervention from our team:

On a recent broadcast of Central PA LiveDiane Ringler, Early Intervention Manager and Speech-Language Pathologist, and Marla Wyland, Physical Therapist, shared valuable information about how Early Intervention services benefit children with development delays by serving the children where they are and coaching family members to assist in the children’s progress.


"We would like to acknowledge the entire staff at Home Nursing Agency for their dedication, hard work, and helpfulness. They have definitely gone the extra mile for our family and are friendly, courteous, helpful, and patient. Thanks to their help, our son has overcome many of the hurdles in his life and is getting back on track."

-The Ferguson Family, Altoona